Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is approaching and I’m seeing a surge in Dad-related products being ordered through the website. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to gift dad this Father’s Day then look no further than our large canvas pouches. I always see a surge in sales for these during gifting seasons, probably because they’re so versatile and can be used to store pretty much anything, but these are also the most popular MBOS products bought for men. If you’re looking for personalisation inspiration here are my top Father’s Day picks. 

Travel pouch

  1. Travel Pouch: If dad is a frequent traveller, a personalised travel pouch is a great gift idea. TRAVEL STUFF and PLANE STUFF pouches are always popular; they can be popped in and out of a travel case easily and they’re a great place to stash essential items like passports, tickets, headphones, books, etc. Winner!

  1. Beard Pouch: Beards are a fashion staple at the mo. In fact, I’m dubbing the 20s the era of ‘the beard’. If Dad has an abundance of grooming kit clogging up the bathroom then do yourself a favour and get him a handy BEARD STUFF pouch to store it all. A fab place to stash nose trimmers (ew), razors, aftershave, face balm and anything else Dad uses to pamper himself. No facial hair? Branch out to a WASH STUFF pouch instead. 
  1. Car Pouch. If dad is a car enthusiast who hates mess then this is a great little accessory bag. Fab for stashing things like that weird black sponge that makes your dashboard shiny, antibacterial wipes, the window buff thingy, spare air fresheners and any other ‘car crap’. 
  1. Tech Pouch: Is Dad forever on his laptop or console? If so then a personalised TECH STUFF pouch is a great choice. Brilliant for storing charging cables, computer mice, headphones, controllers and the like. Anything ‘techy’ can be stored away as well as any notepads and stationary too. Or opt for a GAMING POUCH if that’s his thang. 
  1. Gym Pouch: For the dad who likes to stay active, a personalised GYM STUFF pouch is a great gift idea. The go-to place for keeping that sweaty towel, water bottle, supplements, headphones or any other gym gear.
  1. Dad Pouch: A personalised dad pouch is a great all-purpose gift that can be used for anything from carrying snacks to stashing a small selection of ‘indoor tools’. DAD STUFF and DADDY STUFF pouches are versatile and popular choices on the website at the moment. 
  1. Man Pouch: For the man who likes to keep it simple, a personalised MAN STUFF pouch is a great choice. Minimal in look but maximum versatility, this is fab for any uncles/ brothers/ carers who don’t have the ‘Dad’ title but deserve to be recognised for their contribution to your family. Perfect for the gym, work or car. 
  1. Personalised Pouch: It may sound obvious but customising a pouch with dad’s name, initials or special message is always a thoughtful gift. It shows you've made an extra effort to get something made especially for him. 

There it is, my top Father’s Day picks! Hopefully you've found some inspiration for your bearded, jet-setting, gym-going, car-loving dad. It really is such an easy present. Happy Father's Day! 

See our full range of pouches here. 

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